Dancer, Choreographer, Pedagoge.
Artistic director of her own company organization SORTA Project.

With 15 years of uninterrupted artistic career, Paola is one of the most relevant improvisers in the current contemporary scene in Mexico.

Her choreographic work includes the dance and music performance My heart's revolution (2018) premiered at the Festival Differenti Sensazioni | Officine Caos in Turin, Italy; AFTER (2019), " Eternal" premiered at the XXXV José Limón International Festival (2022) and the videodance " Soft touch to death" (2022) in collaboration with Johan Legraie. Paola Madrid / SORTA Project is in current creation with Francisco Cordova / Physical Momentum and Raúl Mendoza / Etudio 8291 with the creation DE CONSTRUCTION (to be premiered in April 2023).

Paola Madrid has been teaching Layers of Expression and Movement Research as dance training methods since 2013. Paola is regularly invited to teach at various institutions such as: Tictac Art Centre (Brussels), La Manufacture- Haute école des arts de la scène (Lausanne), Konzervatoř Duncan Centre (Prague), Universidad de Sonora (Hillo), CENART (México).

Paola's dance work has been deeply inspired by David Zambrano for years, Peter Jasco, Yamila Ríos; and by Kelly McKinnon during her currently studies of Anatomy and Pilates.

Paola has been awarded several prizes and artistic scholarships, such as the: Bureau International Jeunesse Wallonie - Bruxelles, Programa de Jóvenes Creadores PECDA-FECAS 2017-2018, Programa de Estudios en el Extranjero FONCA-CONACYT 2011-2012, and Desarrollo Artístico Individual FECAS 2010-2011 and 2012-2013.

Paola Madrid continues to develop her own methods of body research, scenic and performative composition. She currently resides in México and Belgium. 

SORTA project is created and curated by Paola Madrid

©2023 Paola Madrid

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